Effective factors on inadequate results in endometrial biopsy with Pipelle Inadequate results with Pipelle

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Ayşe Rabia Şenkaya
Meriç Balıkoğlu
Abdurrahman Hamdi İnan


Objective: In this study, it was aimed to investigate the factors that may affect the pathological diagnosis in pipelle endometrial biopsies.

Material and Methods: Four hundred and twenty endometrial biopsies performed by the same specialist using pipelle were analyzed retrospectively in our outpatient clinic for eleven months. Endometrial samples which were made for diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy and patients who have history of cancer or needed anesthesia for the procedure were excluded from the study. Group 1 was created from 65 patients whose endometrial biopsy were resulted as insufficient endometrial biopsy and Group 2 was created with 173 patients who had sufficient material as a result of biopsy. The effect of demographic information, ultrasound data (presence and localization of leiomyoma, endometrial thickness) and biopsy indications were investigated.

Results: The average age of patients in Group 1 was found to be statistically significantly higher than Group 2, of 238 patients who were investigated retrospectively (p<0,001). Endometrial thickness in Group 1 was statistically lower than Group 2 (p<0,001). Endometrial biopsy indications were frequently observed as postmenopausal bleeding for Group 1 and abnormal uterine bleeding for Group 2.

Conclusion:  According to our opinion that it will be more appropriate to perform dilatation / curettage biopsy, instead of biopsy with pipelle if a need for endometrial sampling is required in older ages especially for the postmenopausal patient group.

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BAL Özge, Şenkaya AR, Balıkoğlu M, İnan AH. Effective factors on inadequate results in endometrial biopsy with Pipelle: Inadequate results with Pipelle. Aegean J Obstet Gynecol [Internet]. 2020Apr.21 [cited 2020Sep.29];2(1):10-2. Available from: https://aejog.com/index.php/aejog/article/view/31
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