Effective use of office hysteroscopy in virgin patients: A series of 22 cases

Virginity and hysteroscopy



Hysteroscopy, virginity, endometrial polyp, submucosal myoma


Aim: To investigate the efficacy of hysteroscopy in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with virginity.

Materials and Methods: The prospective study included 22 virgin patients that underwent hysteroscopy due to various indications between January 2015 and January 2022.

Results: Mean age was 35.4±12.6 years. Most common indication for hysteroscopy was heavy menstrual bleeding (n=13; 59.09%), followed by intermenstrual bleeding (n=4; 18.1%), vaginal bleeding (n=2; 9.09%), postmenopausal bleeding (n=2; 9.09%), and persistent vaginal discharge (n=1; 4.54%). Most of the patients (n=19; 86.36%) were in the premenopausal period and the remaining 3 (13.63%) patients were in the postmenopausal period. Maximum lesion diameter was 1.2±0.93 cm for endometrial polyps (n=20) and 1.8±0.9 cm for submucosal fibroids (n=4). Two patients had both endometrial polyp and submucous myoma. No patient had malignancy or endometrial hyperplasia. The procedure was completed successfully in all patients. No perioperative complications such as cervical trauma, uterine perforation or transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) syndrome were reported by any patient. Hymen integrity was preserved in all patients. Microscopically, no residual polyps and fibroids were identified and abnormal uterine bleeding (AUB) resolved.

Conclusion: Hysteroscopy can be performed in virgin patients as well and is well tolerated when performed by experienced physicians. Accordingly, physicians should consider hysteroscopy together with the vaginoscopic approach to explore the genital tract and evaluate intrauterine lesions in this population.




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Cavus Y. Effective use of office hysteroscopy in virgin patients: A series of 22 cases : Virginity and hysteroscopy. Aegean J Obstet Gynecol [Internet]. 2022 Sep. 11 [cited 2023 Dec. 1];4(2):45-8. Available from: https://aejog.com/index.php/aejog/article/view/119

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